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Client Guide to Tax Preparation

Welcome to the Trowbridge Step-By-Step Guide to Tax Preparation

We have included on this page a useful step by step guide to tax preparation for our clients. 

All of the steps, checklists and forms you will find below are general in nature and are intended to assist you in assembling your tax information for us.


Following the below should allow you to submit to us a more complete tax package for reliable and accurate tax preparation and after submission should allow you to sit back and relax while we work to ensure your returns are complete and compliant.

Need Help?

If you need any additional assistance, our Client Experience Team will be more than happy to assist you:

TAX SEASON - Step-by-Step

Please note we cannot commence preparation of your tax returns if we have not received all of the items from Steps 1 through 3 below.

Step 1 Checklist

CRA Authorization Form For Canadian Filers


Save all documents to your local drive,  complete your information, then upload to the Portal.

Step 1 Checklist

Step 1 Checklist is required in order for you to provide us with your personal information updated with any changes for the 2023 tax year (marital status, mailing address, dependant status).


New Canadian Tax Clients

The CRA Authorization form will allow us to interact with the Canada Revenue Agency on your behalf and obtain prior-year tax information.

UPLOAD complete files to us through our secure client portal(Only compatible with Chrome & Edge)

2023 T1135 Worksheet

2023 FBAR Worksheet

2023 Travel Calendar

Save below documents to your local drive, complete your information, then upload to the Portal.


Please access our Step 2 Tax Checklist HERE


Under Step 2 Downloads, you will find the following worksheets as referenced in Step 1 and Step 2 Checklists: NOTE that these forms may not be applicable to you  (please refer to the Step 2 Checklist - Customized List of tax documents for more information)

Canadian Foreign Asset Reporting (2023 T1135 Worksheet) – For Canadian Residents.

US Foreign Bank Reporting (2023 FBAR Worksheet) – For US Residents and Citizens.

2023 Travel Calendar for those working abroad or cross-border.

At the end of the Step 2 checklist, once you press submit, there will be a customized list of tax documents that need to be submitted in Step 3.

There is also an outstanding item area where you can advise us of currently missing documents and their expected date of receipt.

Upload your tax documents and supporting information to our client portalKindly upload documents in PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, Word, or Excel format only.

Please ensure you review and use the list provided at the end of Step 2.


The security of your tax information and personal data is VERY important to us and therefore we exchange all tax documents with clients through our client portal.

(Only compatible with Chrome & Edge)

Having issues? Please contact

Your tax return is now in preparation by our firm. You can now sit back and relax while we work diligently to provide you with a complete and accurate tax return package. 

Should you have additional information arrive AFTER you submit your tax package, please ensure you notify your tax advisor or Client Experience and upload your additional details to the portal. Please refer to our list of CLIENT DEADLINES and IMPORTANT DATES.

Any questions or missing items that are obvious to our team will be requested through email.

Your tax returns will be delivered to you through the portal and you will receive a “Delivery Email” from our Client Experience Team with details.

Once your tax returns are delivered to you, please ensure you download a copy for your records.

Please follow the instructions provided in the delivery email within 5 days of delivery.

If it is possible for your returns to be signed by digital signature you will be able to digitally sign your documents. 

Payment of Your Invoice
Payment of your invoice can be made HERE

*note that we cannot submit your tax returns to the tax authorities prior to full payment of your invoice

E-filing or Trowbridge Submission of Returns on Your Behalf 
If we are submitting your tax returns for you (electronically or through mailing), our team will provide confirmation of submission to you. 

Mailing of Returns by you  
Please provide us with a copy of your proof of mailing (we recommend you always use a form of tracked or registered mail) 

  • US Individual Taxation
  • US/UK Expatriate Taxation
  • Canadian Corporate Taxation
  • US Corporate Taxation
  • Client Support
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