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United Kingdom

Our London office assists US and Canadian citizens living in the U.K. with tax mitigation and tax return preparation services on a truly combined basis.

Our UK team specializes in providing individual UK, Canadian and US income tax services and Canadian and US Estate and Trust planning to clients resident or domiciled in the UK or with UK interests.

To learn more about the US and Canadian tax services offered by our London, UK  location, please select a service below.

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Trowbridge International Private Client Services LLP 

Global Tax/ Payroll/ Accounting Solutions


Our different plan offerings detail the scope of work agreed upon and our pricing is fixed and up-front, meaning there won’t be any surprises when you receive your final bill.  


The best part about our team is the depth of knowledge our advisors have in all diverse areas of Canadian and US Tax. We rely on each other to share expertise to find the best solutions for our valued clients. 


We bring to the table our broad network of business partners who we have on standby to provide their additional expertise (think lawyers, real estate agents and other professional service providers). 


We take the time to listen and it's our mission (we are part detective) to simplify the financial complexities of global business and living abroad – making taxes less taxing. 

What Makes Us Different

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