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Do you own Canadian or US rental properties?

Keeping cross-border real estate simple

Without the understanding of the appropriate disclosures and reporting deadlines, non-resident landlords may find their income from real estate in Canada or the US subject to a 25-30% tax at source. This can significantly affect a property owner’s cash flow and return on investment.

Trowbridge's Realty Division is dedicated to providing services to manage all cross-border withholding and tax compliance concerns related to investing in US or Canadian real estate.

We pride ourselves on our straightforward, hands-on approach to help you understand your tax situation, even if the legalities around your cross-border real estate investments are complex.

Contact us to discuss planning for the purchase of your real estate investment, keep compliant on annual non-resident withholding tax remittance and tax filing obligations, and/or prepare your disclosures for the sale of your investment.

Individual and Corporate International Accounting Solutions

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