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Canadian Corporate Mobility Assignments

Whether your work is taking you away from Canada, or onto her welcoming shores, Trowbridge can take care of all your mobility tax needs. We work directly with you to create a personalized tax plan, based on your specific mobility assignment situation. 

We offer a wide range of mobility services including: 

  • Employment tax

  • Global payroll compliance

  • Global mobility consulting

  • Non-resident and cross-border taxes, and more.


Whatever your reasons for leaving or coming to Canada for long periods of time, our tax experts will help you understand exactly what tax compliance is expected from you as an expat. Our goal is to take all the worries of complex international tax law off of your hands, and into ours.


These global tax concerns are what we do and what we love. 

Our expatriate tax team can assist you with:

  • Employment tax

  • Personal income tax

  • Multi-national pension planning

  • Global expat tax compliance consulting

  • And more! 

Expatriate Tax Services
Personal Tax Planning Strategy

For over 15 years, we have offered personalized tax consulting to our clients and followed up with expert-level service. 

If you have a complex Canadian tax situation or questions about international tax, investing, pensions, and more, we encourage you to contact us for a strategic tax planning consultation with one of our partners or experienced directors. All you have to do is tell us your tax questions, and leave the research on tax complexities to our team. 

Schedule a consultation today at or call 416-214-7833. We can accommodate face-to-face appointments in our offices in Toronto, London UK, and Vancouver. 

Personal Tax for Shareholders

In Canada, there can be important tax benefits to being a business shareholder, or an investor earning corporate dividends, through federal and provincial tax credit programs. 

The talented team of Trowbridge tax experts can work with you to determine tax planning and filing for your investments as a company shareholder in Canada, to not only keep you legally compliant but also save you more money off your tax bill. 

Email us with information on your specific investment situation at to find out more!

Personal Tax for Business Owners and Partners
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For individual business owners, whether self-employed, incorporated, or otherwise, finding and utilizing Canadian business-based tax benefits can be a challenge. Despite the complexities, knowing how to appropriately file business expenses, income, and deductions can save you a lot of money off your tax bill. The same can be said of partnerships, where individual partners accrue profits and losses in accordance with their unique partnership agreement.

When working with Trowbridge as a Canadian business owner or partner, we will keep you compliant with tax reporting for business expenses, income, corporate loans, and assets such as property and equipment. We keep up to date with Canadian business benefits, deductions, and credits, to save you the most taxes possible. Trowbridge professionals can also consult with you on planning for private health and dental plans, and remuneration for owners. 

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