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International Tax. Simplified.

We take the complication out of tax.

Wherever in the world life takes you, we will help you navigate the complex world of international tax.

It's what we do.

Services for Corporations

Corporate tax services to meet the needs of Canadian and foreign-based corporations of all sizes, in various industries. From US and Canadian corporate tax compliance to corporate reorganizations, structure planning and transactional tax consulting, we offer a complete solution for all of your business tax needs. 

Global Mobility

With our extensive experience and knowledge in international assignment tax programs, we help companies manage the payroll, income tax, and social security tax obligations of their expatriate and business traveler populations by partnering and working alongside human resource, tax, or global mobility teams.

Services for Individuals

Working together with you, we will provide personalized tax compliance and advisory  services that cover your individual Canadian and US Expatriate tax needs.  No matter where you work or relocate globally, we can assist you with your complex US and Canadian tax obligations. 


It's more than providing a service, it's knowing you and what you need.


Stay informed and up to date on Canada, US and UK Tax deadlines


Tax and Financial Updates that Matter to You

"I wish to thank you for your outstanding services without which I would have been left floundering.  I certainly will highly recommend Trowbridge to others needing services similar to mine and will be using them for my future tax and accounting requirements."

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