We specialize in global mobility tax services, for both corporations with mobile employees and individuals on the move. Talk to us today to discuss a consultation for tax services particular to your situation and international status, and take a look at the pages below for more information. 


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US Individual Tax

For US individuals and families on expatriate journeys or international work assignments, Trowbridge can help make your taxes less taxing. 

Canadian Individual Tax

We can provide tax preparation and planning for Canadian individuals, business owners, shareholders, expatriates, and anyone else in need of Canadian tax services. 

US & Canadian Corporate Tax

Whether you are a Canadian company doing business in Canada or abroad, or a US company with business in Canada, we can assist you in all your accounting, payroll, international, and domestic tax needs.

Canadian Rental Income Property

Whether you're leaving a property behind or wanting to invest in the strong Canadian real estate market, see how our professionals can help you navigate the taxes of rental income properties in Canada. 

Our affiliates in the Global Tax Network (GTN) are professionals handling international mobility tax around the world.

Trowbridge is proud to represent GTN Canada.

Global Tax Network

From business service planning to US and Canadian payroll, Trowbridge can help manage all your external business needs.

Business Services