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Romita Darshani, CPA CGA, CPA - Senior Manager, US Tax

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

QUESTION - First, please introduce yourself by sharing an anecdote or an experience, personal or professional, that has made you who you are today.

Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”. I emigrated to Canada from the Fiji Islands, a small nation, with nothing more than a dream and the will to succeed. After receiving a B.Com. from the University of Toronto, I began my career in US corporate tax with a mid-size accounting firm. I have the technical talents from my earlier work in this area that I use and enhance in my current position to support my client at Trowbridge. I have over 10 years of experience in public practice, advising clients across a diverse range of industries. I have specialized in Canada-US cross-border taxation since 2011 with a focus on corporate and partnership tax matters. In addition to being a specialist in US corporate tax compliance, I have worked with a number of clients, providing consultation on tax-efficient structures and reorganizations. I have functional expertise in US tax provisions and worked closely with partners and directors on tax planning and research projects for US domestic and Canadian organizations.

QUESTION - What does March 8th mean for you?

As women, we must constantly establish our qualifications for a position. Being a mother to three young children has not made me slow down but has given me the strength to perform my job successfully. I have the opportunity to work with so many incredible women, but I also had the benefit of continuous mentoring and humble direction, which helped shape who I am now. I am motivated to offer the same to all the women whose lives I will have the opportunity to influence. I’m happy with who I am, what I've accomplished so far, and how determined I am to keep going and inspire other women who share my passions and objectives. I experience this on International Women's Day.

QUESTION - What advice or words of wisdom would you give young women who would like to learn from your career and follow in your footsteps?

A job in tax will reward your ambition. If you are determined and ambitious, there are no limits to how quickly you may rise to the top. The depth and breadth of tax will keep you interested and motivated if you've always thrived on knowledge and novel ideas. Your technical and professional abilities will be regularly challenged as you work on a variety of engaging projects. At this age and time, modern tax professionals benefit from flexible work schedules and settings.

QUESTION - Tell us about your Role and Service Line at Trowbridge Professional Corporation.

Here at Trowbridge Professional Corporation, I am a senior manager on the US corporate tax team (TPC). I work alongside Brandon Vucen, the director of the US Corporate Tax Team, to oversee the preparation and review of US corporate and partnership tax returns for multinational customers as well as US tax provisions for privately held businesses. I offer planning opportunities and tax-saving techniques. On a variety of federal and state tax consulting and compliance engagements, it is my responsibility as a senior manager to sustain and cultivate good client relationships. I oversee the profitability of engagements, customer billings, and the engagement team's resources. In addition, I offer career advice, coaching, and leadership to the engagement team in order to help them grow and be motivated. The following are the areas of expertise of our team: sales tax consultation, state voluntary disclosures, corporate tax compliance, and consulting, and due diligence.

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Adam Wandler
Adam Wandler
Aug 22, 2023

I've always relied on professionals to do my taxes, but this year, I took the plunge and tried filing on my own with the help of Tax Consultant Prince George. The support they offer truly boosts your confidence and makes the process less daunting.

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