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Meet Gabi Anghel and Brittany Bishop!

By now, you will have met Gabriela Anghel and Brittany Bishop, the friendly faces of our Trowbridge Human Resources team! Gabi and Brittany go out of their way to make our international employees feel welcome from their first day at the firm and supported throughout their entire employment. Both wear many hats in their respective roles so we thought we would give you a high-level breakdown of their responsibilities, so you know who to contact for various questions and issues:

Gabi manages:

  • Payroll

  • LTD

  • Ceridian

  • Benefits

Brittany manages:

  • BambooHR

  • Onboarding and offboarding

  • Office equipment

  • S76 needs and inquiries

Do you still, have questions? Please feel free to reach out to your HR team and if they do not know the answer to your question, they are a great resource (pun intended) to help you find the answer you are looking for.



Stand out in the crowd! Would you like to make your virtual meeting backgrounds look more professional? We have some great solutions!

Presenting TROWBRIDGE BRANDED VIRTUAL BACKGROUNDS. These backgrounds have been designed to use for your Teams/Zoom and other virtual meetings. Choose from several “professional setting” options including some NEW DESIGNS for 2023 for those who might want to change up what they have been previously using.

Pick your favourites from here: Backgrounds for Zoom-Teams

If you have any questions or need assistance with uploading the backgrounds, please connect with Ella Scott.




It's all about the HOW, WHO, WHEN, & WHY!

It’s easy to become a Trowbridge brand ambassador and help spread the word about the great work and the incredible people we have at the firm. We often share information about our services, informative articles, upcoming events and activities we are involved in as well as career postings. By sharing this information with your online network it helps build broad awareness about what we do at Trowbridge and you never know when someone might need our assistance now or in the future.

Here is how you can get involved. Follow our social media accounts (linked below), stay informed, and share our posts with your networks on the following platforms:



Spotlight on Value Pricing

Value pricing is a method of determining the cost to the client for services provided based on the value of the service at a fixed price and the scope of services provided rather than the number of hours spent (time-based billing). Since 2015, Trowbridge has been actively using the value pricing model and offering clients 3 levels of service to choose from - All-Inclusive, Essential and Basic. The concept of value pricing utilizes price bundling allowing the client to focus on the totality of the firm’s value proposition rather than the value of each and every service.

At Trowbridge, we also offer the option of a prepayment discount. Clients are either billed the full amount if they want to take advantage of the discount or pay a 50% retainer and the balance payable at the delivery of service. We also offer clients the option of paying on a monthly basis in certain service areas.


  • Better client communication and relationship building.

  • Comports with the laws of economics and consumer psychology.

  • Pre-qualifies the client to ensure they are a good fit for the firm and aligns the interests of the client with that of the firm.

  • It provides us with the opportunity to cross-sell additional services.

  • It projects confidence and experience, as opposed to being unable to inform the client up-front of a price as with hourly billing; or offering a range of prices, which is done more for the benefit of the firm than the client.

  • It forces the firm to be effective in project management and getting the work done within the time promised to the client.

  • It overcomes the client’s pricing emotions and maximizes the firm’s price leverage.

  • Fixed prices can be increased each year, even if there are no changes in services. It is much easier to increase the price of a customized price rather than increase your hourly rate by $10 per hour.

  • It provides a competitive differentiation for the firm when we offer clients certainty in price and reduced risk of billing surprises.

  • It specifies conditions for Change Orders which are usually value-added services that can command a premium price.

  • Forces the firm to be effective in project management and getting the work done within the time promised to the client.


Raptors Uprising GC is the only professional NBA2K esports franchise operating outside of the US with American players working and living in Canada. With potential complex cross-border tax situations affecting the team’s ability to attract top talent, RUGC engaged Trowbridge to help evaluate this situation.

Trowbridge worked closely with RUGC and found opportunities for tax savings and structuring for players who were crossing between Canada and the US. In this short video, Managing Director Arun (Ernie) Nagratha recounts the team's tax challenges and how the firm stepped in to help find solutions. In this short video, Managing Director Arun (Ernie) Nagratha recounts the team's tax challenges and how the film stepped in to help find solutions.


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