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Featuring Trowbridge's Ernie Nagratha

On February 14th, 2023 we had a fantastic day in the Toronto office meeting and filming with Ben Cross from the popular Love + Relo podcast (Dallas, Texas). We were introduced to Ben through Christine Kawula who met him at a recent Global Mobility Conference in Las Vegas (Thanks Christine).

Ben was amazing and really took the time to get to know us, and the work we do, and understand the Trowbridge corporate culture. It was quite the production - we broadcast the hour-long conversation with Ernie Nagratha live on Love + Relo's social channels while answering questions from viewers throughout the session. Ernie was fantastic and the candid yet informative discussion really showcased the many services Trowbridge provides (shoutout to the Fred Levy team) plus they had some fun along the way.

The broadcast was so well received that Ernie has been invited to Love + Relo's headquarters for a follow-up podcast! Stay tuned for more details on this.

If you didn't get a chance to see the broadcast, you can watch it here:


March 6th | Abu Dhabi | Presented by Wayne Bewick

March 7th | Dubai | Presented by Wayne Bewick


HR Article

Spotlight on Value Pricing

Value pricing is a method of determining the cost to the client for services provided based on the value of the service at a fixed price and the scope of services provided rather than the number of hours spent (time-based billing). Since 2015, Trowbridge has been actively using the value pricing model and offering clients 3 levels of service to choose from - All-Inclusive, Essential and Basic. The concept of value pricing utilizes price bundling allowing the client to focus on the totality of the firm’s value proposition rather than the value of each and every service.

At Trowbridge, we also offer the option of a prepayment discount. Clients are either billed the full amount if they want to take advantage of the discount or pay a 50% retainer and the balance payable at the delivery of service. We also offer clients the option of paying on a monthly basis in certain service areas.


CONTENT FROM SHAILJA (most likely a write up about the Ahmedabad offices third birthday)

Raptors Uprising GC is the only professional NBA2K esports franchise operating outside of the US with American players working and living in Canada. With potential complex cross-border


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