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Complete NR4 Request with your personal information, gross rental income and non-resident tax withheld
  1. Please complete one NR4 slip request for each non-resident owner

  2. Complete the yellow highlighted sections with your name, social insurance number, and non-resident account number.

  3. Indicate the address associated with your non-resident tax account.

  4. Indicate your portion of the total gross rental income earned for the year. 

    • If your property is jointly owned, indicate 50% of the total gross income received from the property from January to December of 2022.  The total gross income should match the amount indicated in your Section 216 tax checklist (or 50% of this figure if the property is jointly owned).

  5. Indicate the non-resident withholding tax remitted to your non-resident tax account for 2022 – this should be equal to 25% of your gross rental income for the year. 

    • The CRA will not release your NR4 slip unless the withholdings in your non-resident account is equal to 25% of the gross rental income amount you report on your NR4 request. 

    • You can confirm the balance in your non-resident account for tax year 2022 by calling the Canada Revenue Agency Part XIII Division at 1-855-284-5946 (or 613-940-8499 for calls outside Canada and the United States).




The request can be sent by fax to 705-677-7712 or 1-866-765-8460, or by courier to the following address:


Attention: Non-Resident Withholdings Division

International Tax Services Office

Canada Revenue Agency

1050 Notre Dame Ave

Sudbury, ON

P3A 5C1


It is recommended to keep a copy of the fax confirmation or courier tracking number for your records.


Please note that you are responsible for obtaining your NR4 slip from the Canada Revenue Agency.  If you would like Trowbridge to obtain the slip on your behalf, additional fees will be invoiced based on time spent. 

Need Help?

If you need any additional assistance, our Client Experience Team will be more than happy to assist you:


NR4 Proforma Slip Request

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