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Director, Special Projects

TEL: 416-214-7833

Focused on making expat taxes as simple and easy to understand as possible, Laura McLeman has helped U.S. and Canadian citizens meet their cross-border and expatriate tax filing requirements for more than 20 years.


Laura is professionally designated as a Chartered Professional Accountant and a Certified Public Accountant. In addition to working with private clients, she also has experience advising mid- to large-sized companies on the payroll and income tax obligations of their cross-border employees—serving those employees directly and individually to relieve organizations from having to manage their tax considerations.

Known for her easygoing and professional personality, Laura has the ability to explain complex income tax concepts plainly and clearly—making it easy for her clients to engage in the tax process without getting overwhelmed by the details.

Domestic And Foreign Tax Solutions

Domestic And Foreign Tax Solutions

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