Making tax less taxing.


Almost every business decision comes with tax implications. At Trowbridge, we provide a wide range of corporate tax services to both US and foreign-based corporations to help you minimize your tax barriers and maximize your opportunities. Never worry about meeting international corporate tax compliance standards again, and leave the complexities to us. 

Canadian Corporations with business in the us

Transfer pricing


and Large Business

US Tax 

Small Business and Start-UP Planning

US State, local, franchise and sales tax

Canadian Corporations with Business in the US

At Trowbridge, our experience is working with businesses to expand beyond their current borders into new markets. While expanding creates exciting business opportunities, it can also be very complex.

Canadian and U.S. cross-border income and sales tax planning and compliance including structuring and reorganization

• Canadian and U.S. outsourced accounting and payroll

• Legal, HR, transfer pricing and other related services through our affiliations

• CRA and IRS tax controversy and dispute resolution

• Canadian and U.S. income tax return and compliance

• GST/HST and sales tax consulting and compliance

All businesses need comprehensive strategies to save costs and maximize profits whenever it is possible - that's where Trowbridge's expert strategists can help. Our team will work with your business to develop a transfer pricing strategy that meets your business needs and keeps you compliant and up-to-date with legal statutory provisions.

Transfer Pricing Strategy
Medium and Large Business US Tax Support

Both in the US and Canada, not all corporations have their own tax departments. Trowbridge can support your accounting or finance department to help ease you through your busy periods. We can assist with preparing your US tax provision working papers for your auditors, preparing tax returns for US cross-border employees, managing tax audits or any ad hoc tax project that may come along.


Our professionals are available to work with your existing staff, out of your office, for your convenience.

Small Business and Start-Up Planning

We know that every dollar counts, especially when you’re a new or smaller corporation. Trowbridge can help you create an appropriate corporate structure to minimize your overall tax, especially for cross-border US business, or review your existing structure to make sure it’s still achieving your original objectives. 

We can advise on US payroll, tax filing requirements, as well as compile your annual financial statements for filing with the corporate tax returns. We can even assist you with Canadian cross-border tax planning, refer you to our US-based Global Tax Network affiliates, or arrange bookkeeping services to help you keep your accounting records up to date and well organized.

By identifying creative tax planning opportunities, we can help you minimize the taxes you pay from both a personal and corporate perspective – so you can keep as much as possible to reinvest into your growing business.

US State, Local, Franchise and Sales Tax

State and Local Tax (SALT) compliance can be as confusing as it is essential. These tax regulations are constantly changing with local US governments, and our clients trust us to keep them current. 

We offer services including: 

- Income and franchise tax 

- Employment / payroll tax

- Indirect tax

- Unclaimed property tax

- Credit and incentives consulting

- Voluntary disclosure consulting

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