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All business has become global. Companies of any size can now market products and services worldwide over the Internet. At the same time, competition has intensified as customers can now research global competitors with a few clicks of a mouse.

Our team of professionals can help emerging businesses navigate through every growth stage by providing business consulting services tailored to your needs. We’ll help you identify businesses opportunities, devise a strategic plan, improve your current performance and implement new ideas. We focus on your business and financial goals, and deliver results by looking beyond conventional solutions. Whether it’s cash flow improvements, sales growth or expense minimization, we offer advice tailored to your needs.





Payroll Services

We understand that payroll is a very important function of your business. Our end-to-end payroll service ensures your payroll runs smoothly every time. Payroll mistakes or non-compliance can cost you time and, in some cases, hefty fines for your business. In 2015, the Canadian Payroll Association released a report showing that out of all paper-filed Record of Employment forms, 26% had at least one error.  By letting Trowbridge take care of your payroll needs, you will receive trusted expertise. We provide the people, the processes and the technology. Our cost-effective, comprehensive solution will optimize your workforce, ensure compliance and save time for your business.

Canadian and US Corporate Payroll:

We handle all facets of your payroll functions, including payroll processing and production, remittance filing and reporting. Our full corporate payroll offerings for both US and Canadian businesses include: 

  • Gross-to-net processing

  • Employee calculations and handling (onboarding, EI benefits, vacation, maternity/parental or sick leaves, etc.)

  • ROE compliance

  • Source deductions and remittances

  • Employee income tax forms T4/T4A

Canadian and US Personal Payroll: 

For personal payroll clients in both Canada and the US, we offer direct deposits, pay stub processing, nanny payroll and other temporary or contract hired workers needing personal payroll services. 

Bookkeeping Services

The secret to a successful business is doing what you’re good at and outsourcing what you’re not.

Effective bookkeeping is crucial to the success of your business. We have over 15 years of experience and provide excellent record keeping and accounting solutions. We take care of your bookkeeping and accounting needs efficiently and accurately, so that you can focus on building your business and achieving your goals.

Our bookkeeping service helps put you in control of your cash flow, reduce your tax liabilities and maximize profits through management controls. We can provide a regular reporting service to ensure you have detailed knowledge of your balance sheet financial position and profit & loss performance to date, which can be analyzed in greater detail if required. You can use your customized reports to make business decisions, prepare budgets, and review your past performance to forecast the future plans of your business and maximize profits.

Hiring a bookkeeping service should be seen as an investment for your business, not an expense. By employing our bookkeeping service, you are ensured your bookkeeping is managed by a specialist with up-to-date knowledge of any tax legislation to save you money, reduce your tax liabilities, streamline your business and maximize your profits.

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