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No matter how you look at it, taxes are unavoidable. Most business decisions have tax implications. And what’s more, tax legislation is complex and always changing. Trowbridge helps you optimize your investments to take advantage of all the opportunities to save money.


We provide a wide range of corporate tax services to meet the needs of Canadian and foreign-based corporations of all sizes, in various industries. From corporate tax return preparation and compliance to corporate reorganizations, structure planning and transactional tax consulting, we offer a complete solution to ensure your tax objectives are met.

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Tax for Non-Resident Corporations

Looking to expand into Canada or perform services in the country? Trowbridge can help you navigate the unique requirements of the Canadian tax system. We can assist with your registration and filing requirements for income tax, payroll and the Goods and Services Tax (GST). We can ensure that you’re aware of your tax obligations in Canada and advise on your tax obligations and registration requirements with the Canadian tax authorities.

  • Recovery of Tax Withheld on Services Rendered in Canada

Already providing services in Canada as a non-resident? You may find that you’ve had Canadian and potentially Quebec tax withheld from your invoices. However, as a result of Canada’s tax treaties, non-residents may often be entitled to a refund of the the tax withheld. We can help your company determine its tax return filing obligations, obtain a refund where possible or even plan to avoid the withholding on your invoices altogether.

  • Expanding into Canada

If your company is planning to have a more permanent presence in Canada, we can help you plan your expansion to ensure you’re in compliance with the various filing requirements in Canada and its provinces. We understand the complexities involved in cross-border transactions and can help you develop a Canadian corporate structure to minimize taxes, while ensuring that you are aware of potential issues before they arise.


Doctors, dentists, lawyers, chartered accountants and other specified professionals can now incorporate in Ontario – meaning you can benefit from low corporate tax rates and tax incentives only available to corporations. Is incorporating the right strategy for you? We can help you understand the costs and benefits so you can make an informed decision. We can also suggest ways to structure your existing practice to minimize your overall tax burden from both a corporate and personal tax perspective, and help with compiling your annual financial statements to file with your corporate tax returns.

Find out if incorporation is right for you. Contact us today to set up a no-obligation meeting or telephone consultation with one of our corporate tax professionals. Send us an email at

Tax for Professional Practices
Medium and Large Business Tax 

Not all corporations have their own tax departments. Trowbridge can support your accounting or finance department to help ease you through your busy periods. We can assist with preparing your tax provision working papers for your auditors, preparing tax returns, managing tax audits or any ad hoc tax project that may come along.


Our professionals are available to work with your existing staff, out of your office, for your convenience.

Small Business and Start-Up Planning

We know that every dollar counts, especially when you’re a new or smaller corporation. Trowbridge can help you create an appropriate corporate structure to minimize your overall tax and meet your business needs, or review your existing structure to make sure it’s still achieving your original objectives.

We can advise on payroll, GST registration and filing requirements, as well as compile your annual financial statements for filing with the corporate tax returns. We can even arrange bookkeeping services to help you keep your accounting records up to date and well organized.

By identifying creative tax planning opportunities, we can help you minimize the taxes you pay from both a personal and corporate perspective – so you can keep as much as possible to reinvest into your growing business.

Tax for CPA Firms

Trowbridge offers a range of tax services to other CPA firms who may not have a tax partner to ensure their clients are tax compliant and structured to take advantage of possible tax planning opportunities. Since we are a tax specialist firm and do not provide assurance services, you can feel comfortable in knowing that we won’t be a threat to your existing client relationship.

We are available to consult with you on the tax implications of planned business transactions, prepare tax memos to deal with complicated tax issues or multifaceted tax planning, and assist with preparing tax provision working papers. We even offer U.S. tax services for your clients who are U.S. citizens/green card holders or are planning to move to another country. We’ll work through your firm to provide the tax services you require to help keep your clients satisfied without having to refer them elsewhere. Best of all, you won’t put yourself at risk of falling victim to common tax traps that you may not be aware of.

Scientific Research Tax Services

The federal and provincial governments provide generous tax credits for business that invest in Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) activities in Canada.


We can help your organization identify opportunities to claim these tax savings as well as assist with the filing of your claim.

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